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Purchasing property in Panamá, it is relatively easy for a foreigner

Panama is ranked as one of the best places in the world to invest and retire.

Panama Offers:

Tax incentives

Affordable quality healthcare

Investment income

Come visit and explore the variety of real estate offerings, the lush forests and beaches that are named as some of the best in the world.

Your discovery tour is designed as an informative, no pressure and fun experience.


Interested in buying properties in Panama?

Beautiful beaches, affordable cost of living, and easy access from the U.S. are just the beginning. Panama offers many incentives to those investing or retiring in the country.

Substantial tax and financial benefits have made Panama the choice for astute investors and beach lovers alike.

20-year exemption on import taxes for furniture, vehicles, and equipment

20-year tax exemption on property

Accelerated depreciation of investment assets

Information about traveling to Panamá:

  • Panama to Miami - - 3 hour flight

  • Panama to New York City - 5 hour flight

  • Panama to Los Angeles - 7 hour flight

  • Panama isaffordable

    Lower cost of living

    Excellent healthcare at a fraction of U.S. costs

    Pensioner visa entitles you to discounts on travel, restaurants, energy bills, and more.